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bloodstorm, a 2d multiplayer game

hi and welcome to bloodstorm, in this game your goal is to kill and not be killed

how is that?

you have a collection of weapons which can be accessed by the numbers roe,and a items you cancollect to keep you going,these items will spawn randomly around the map,so you need to search around for them

downloading the game

you can download the game


joining the game skype groop

to join the game skype groop, open

this link

want to get items much faster? you can by paying only $5

what i will get from this?

so, how i can buy this thing?

you will find a text feeld in the end of the page, you need to enter your player name in the game, please note, this may take 1 to 24 hrs, so you need to wait

note, you must be online for me to be able to update your status

enter your player name